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Breast cancer is common, affecting about one in eight women in the United States. Early detection and treatment are crucial for beating breast cancer. General surgeon Francisco Halili, MD, FACS, and his team can help. At privately owned Central Florida Surgical Specialists in Kissimmee, Florida, they use the most innovative surgical techniques to get you on the road to recovery quickly. Call to learn more today.

Breast Surgery

Why might I require breast surgery?

Breast surgery involves removing all or part of the breast and breast reconstruction. Breast cancer is a common medical condition requiring breast surgery, and many women opt for breast surgery for cosmetic reasons as well.


What are the different types of breast surgery?

Dr. Halili performs numerous types of breast surgery. The right option for you depends on the Breast surgeries include:

Partial mastectomy

During a partial mastectomy, Dr. Halili removes only a portion of your breast, the part containing breast cancer and some surrounding tissue. You may also require radiation therapy or chemotherapy in addition to a partial mastectomy.


A mastectomy or double mastectomy might be necessary if you have an advanced stage of breast cancer. During a mastectomy, Dr. Halili surgically removes all of the breast, or both breasts in the case of a double mastectomy. You may require radiation therapy or chemotherapy, too.

Lymph node surgery

To find out if breast cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, Dr. Halili removes one or more lymph nodes for lab analysis.

Breast reconstruction surgery

After breast cancer surgery, breast reconstruction helps reconfigure your breasts to look and feel as natural as possible. You might require fat grafting or breast implants to achieve optimal results.


What should I expect during breast surgery?

Prior to breast surgery, imaging techniques or a biopsy confirm a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Halili gives you presurgical instructions to follow ahead of time. Avoid eating and drinking for a specified period and stop taking certain medications if Dr. Halili recommends it.

You’re placed under general anesthesia during breast surgery, so you are asleep and don’t feel pain. Dr. Halili uses the most advanced surgical techniques to remove breast cancer, place breast implants, or reconstruct your breasts. 


What happens after the procedure?

After surgery, you’re taken to a recovery room. You can go home the same day or the day after surgery but will need a friend or family member to drive you home.

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